Jean-Michel Roux
Régine Abadia, Alexis Galmot, Jean-Michel Roux
Tchéky Karyo, Julie Delpy, Maria de Medeiros, Chick Ortega, Féodor Atkine
Franco Fries, Jean-Martial Lefranc
Production Company:
Compagnie des Images
Int. Rights:
Title Films
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Category: Premiärserien

France/Canada 1997 | 85 mins | Feature film | 35mm in colour | English dialogue | Swedish Première | Filmposter

The Thousand Wonders of the Universe (Mille Merveilles de l'Univers)

One day, astronomy professor Larsen receives a coded message from outer space, so far everything appears to be normal. But then we end up in Sepulveda, a free zone for drugs, prostitution and everything else you can imagine. The female mayor turns out to be a genderless, mad scientist obsessed with organ transplantations! Then the citizens of Sepulveda suddenly disappear and the professor is sent in to investigate the ghost town. A remarkable story filled to the brim with genre elements, and elegantly sewn together. Watch out for the man in blue when taking drugs.

Joachim Tevebring


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