Bruno Forzani, Hélène Cattet
Bruno Forzani, Hélène Cattet
Marie Bos, Cassandra Forêt, Bianca Maria D’Amato, Charlotte Eugène Guibeaud
François Cognard, Eve Commenge
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Category: Méliès Competition

Belgium 2009 | 90 mins | Feature film | 35mm in colour | French dialogue | English text | World Première


It’s easy to see how director-couple Forzani & Cattet’s romantic film nights must have looked during the recent years. One evening Dario Argento’s works, the other Mario Bava’s, the third Sergio Martino’s… the old kings of Giallo: that key Italian 70s genre which mixed psychoanalytical excursions with dark dressed murderers and lightly dressed ladies, everything covered in a dreamlike aesthetic. 

In Amer, which is just as much an homage to long past film art as it’s a new breed standing on its own feet, we get to follow Ana from childhood to adulthood. To its great advantage, Amer don’t convey an apparent story or provide direct answers, rather it seduces you slowly with a razorsharp stroke. 

The film relies on an expressive and above all experimental visual language, while also, with an affectionate tonguein-cheek attitude recaptures a curious Italian filmmaking at its best.

Lars Diurlin


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