Fruit Chan
Brian Cox
Henry Thomas, Kevin Corrigan, Daniela Sea, David Dayan Fisher
Yko Asakura, Brian Cox, Anant Singh
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Distant Horizon
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Category: America is Fantastic

USA 2009 | 97 mins | Feature film | 35mm in colour | English dialogue | European Premire

Don't Look Up

Chinese director Fruit Chan is not very well known in the West, even though he comes with around a dozen movies in his luggage. This changed a bit with Dumplings, Chan’s segment for the Asian horror collaboration Three… Extremes, a movie that mixed extreme beauty with horrific gore and made us all think twice about going for chinese take away. 

Fruit Chan now aims for a broader audience with his first English language movie Don’t Look Up, a remake of Hideo Nakata’s (The Ring, Dark Water) second feature film. In the movie a young film director meets his own personal hell when dead people from a folk tale, pictured on a piece of a film strip, come to life in an abandoned film studio. 

Combining the more classical horror movie with his own affinity for the utterly bizarre and taboos, Fruit Chan has created a movie that will appeal to both fans of Asian horror and the more recent gore films.

Kasper Heftholm Kristensen


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